Achievements & Service

AIEH: Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Certificate Program, Langara College

"The Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Certificate program presents an unique approach to healing. The emphasis is on seeking a higher level of self-mastery, spiritual development, and life purpose. Somatic-based dialogue strategies focus on the body, mind, and heart, and are combined with advanced multidimensional healing techniques to enhance health and healing. With over 15 years of educating holistic health practitioners, Langara offers experience and expertise, preparing students to successfully practice this healing modality." Highlights of the program include learning advanced biofield and subtle energy healing practicies and supervised clinics in professional health care settings.  (quoted from the Langara catalogue)

Teaching:  Awareness Dialogue & Self Inquiry:  a required course in the AIEH Certificate Program that allows students to become familiar with dialogue and listening skills, while offering an opportunity for personal growth and awareness. Heuristic concepts and practices encourage a process that supports physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-discovery, for the students, and for their future clients.

Teaching:  IEH and End-of-Life Care:  created this new course for the AIEH Certificate Program.

Clinic Supervising: supervising student clinics at a variety of locations in Vancouver, including Lions Gate Integral Health Centre (Spring 2015, Winter 2016) and the Palliative Care Unit at Vancouver General Hospital (Fall 2015).

Internship Oct 2011-Feb 2012:  Women in Recovery: Project Scribe and Personal Practitioner for a single Aboriginal mother who overcame her addiction to find work, return to school and pursue her education. She created a plan to becoming a peer counselor, and began the process of becoming a ‘real parent’, and a positive model for her young children.  Women in Recovery was an exciting pilot project with the YWCA Crabtree Centre and the Langara  College Integrative Energy Healing Program:  a 14 week “Stations of Life Integral Healing Program” for single mothers in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Canadian Cancer Trials Group:  2015 -

One of 14 national Patient Representatives providing a survivor/public perspective in the development and delivery of clinical trials by what was formerly known as the National Cancer Institute of Canada - Clinical Trials Group. "The goal is to team with health-care professionals/researchers to advance outstanding research in treatment care and prevention of cancer to improve patient outcomes."

Daffodil Door-to-Door Campaign:  2014 - 2016

Vancouver Community Coordinator for this annual event of the Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon Division.

SIO: Society for Integrative Oncology

10th International Conference, October 20-22, 2013, Vancouver, B.C., where Robin will be participating and presenting in the Patient Advocacy stream.

Balneaves, L.G.; Bauer-Wu, S.; Fried, R.; Greenlee, H.; Guns, E.; Sabin, G.; Sagar, S.; Seely, D.; Zick, S. (2013-2014). Translational science in integrative oncology: "From bedside, to bench, to best practices." Canadian Institutes of Health Research.


Volunteer at Marion Hospice, Providence Health Care, Vancouver.   Weekly December 2009-October 2012
Certificate:  26 hour training program offered by    Providence Health Care for Volunteer Palliative Care,       

Hospice became the focus of my 60 hr world service project, and major paper “A Devotion to the Care of the Dying:  A Transformational Jouney”  for my Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner Certificate.

With Eyes Wide Open:  A Training Retreat in Compassionate End-of-Life Care - a three day intensive workshop at Upaya with  Joan Halifax and Frank Ostaseski in Sante Fe, NM.  2010.

Supporting Connection and Communication at End of Life - Stan Tomandl and Ann Jacob, September 2012.  A one day workshop offered for Palliative Care and Hospice Volunteers in the Vancouver Region jointly sponsored by Providence Health Care, Coastal Health, Vancouver Home Hospice Society and the Tapestry Foundation.

ISSSEEM: International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine

Presented paper in Denver, CO, at 2010 Conference, on Research Day:

Bertalanffy and Butterflies: General Systems Theory, Transformations and Energy Medicine.
Received an “Emerging Scientist Award

CAMEO: Complementary Medicine Education and Outcomes

Member of the Steering Committee as the Patient Representative for this exciting project sponsored by the BC Cancer Agency and UBC.  2009 – 2012.