Values & Ethics


To serve my clients with respect, competence, confidentiality, and integrity.




As a member of the following associations Robin faithfully commits to their code of ethics:


National Health Practitioners of Canada

Canadian Reiki Association

Integrative Energy Healing Alumni






  • Being fully conscious, acting from the heart, with loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity
  • Being Grounded, Centered and Aligned
  • Being fully aware, utilizing all my knowledge, skills and wisdom for the highest good
  • Being Present
  • Being of service
  • Learning to cherish my curiosity and allow my brain cells to dance in delight.  Enabling and encouraging life long learning opportunities
  • Living in honesty, as a whole person, with impeccable integrity
  • Embracing aging consciously and creatively
  • Living responsibly with respect for others, for my community, country, our planet, and the universe  -   supporting and encouraging a civil society
  • Never forgetting how to laugh and the importance of play
  • Non-Judgment  -  being aware, with clarity and calm