Clinic Sessions

Welcome.  You'll be greeted warmly, and invited to make yourself comfortable.  With respect, and without judgment, you will be encouraged to talk about the reason for your visit, your immediate needs, and longer-term goals. From the moment you arrive, I guarantee you’ll have my full attention.

Initial conversation:  I'll provide a general overview for A Life in Process session, and gladly respond to your questions.  Then I'll ask you for some basic data, like any visit to a health care professional. This is to ensure your safety, and serve as a guide for the most appropriate individualized treatment.  

The Treatment:  You will then be invited to lie down on a massage table, fully clothed, with pillows and blankets available for maximum comfort.  Soft contemplative music will soothe you.  With your permission, I will use gentle touch as I create your individualized treatment, utilizing the foundation of the over 50 Integrative Energy Healing protocols in my repertoire.  A session may be conducted in silence, or often, for deeper more profound healing, awareness dialogue may be incorporated. Alternatively there may be times when dialogue might be the best choice for the full treatment, in which case we will be seated face to face.   WHEE and awareness dialogue will form the basis for these sessions.

Debriefing:  Following the treatment there will be time allotted for us to discuss your treatment.  This is time for you to give your attention to noticing details and/or changes in how you feel as well as reflecting on your experience.  It is also an opportunity for me to work with you as we create an action plan for your continued well being at home. 


Options include 60 or 90 minute sessions:  Almost all clients report an improvement after their first session. 
The goal is to feel better.

  • 60 Minute Sessions offer a deep relaxation enabling you to become more grounded, feel an inner balance, and boost your immune system.
  • 90 Minute Sessions offer a deeper healing that a Professional Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner can provide.

Thus, A Life in Process encourages considering a package of five 90 minute sessions for enhancing your quality of being; for deep learning as you (your body and mind) create new patterns as you work towards manifesting changes that will enable you continue to heal, and come home to your authentic self with a sense of peace.