Distance Sessions

Please contact me for further information.

Distant Healing is becoming a well documented phenomenon.


Distant healing requires a deep commitment to heal, and a willingness to set aside some quiet time to receive healing.  This process can be as deep and robust as the client and practitioner wish to explore.

Contact A Life in Process so we can together see if we can meet your healing needs, work with your practical daily routine and create a distant healing protocol. Generally speaking there is a brief introductory phone conversation to verify that we want to proceed. The next step could be a directed ‘case taking’ call  (30-60 minutes) where some basic information is exchanged to guide our sessions. 

Then we would work out a timing schedule:  length of sessions (15 -30 minutes is common); frequency (depending on ‘issue’, ‘time available’, and, alas, finances) - could be daily for a short period of time, weekly, or whatever works for both of us.  What seems to work best is finding a time that you can be ‘quiet’ or ‘still’ – generally before bed or when waking up...at a time which is also available for me.   

Debriefing conversations, incorporating awareness dialogue, are scheduled as appropriate, and can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.